Underwater solar pool lamp illuminates your pool at no cost

Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard but it is not illuminated? We would like to introduce you to an innovative product, the result of years of study, that is revolutionizing pool lighting in that during installation it does not require any wiring or expensive masonry work and most importantly, you do not even need to empty your pool, thus saving you time and money. Our LED lamp has an attractive design, is watertight, and is completely self-contained, in fact it recharges only through its high-efficiency solar cells, storing the energy produced during daylight hours, in a lithium battery with enough capacity to light your pool all night long.

MR WATT collaborates in the production of this unique product.

We are the exclusive dealers in Italy.

Light up your swimming pool at no cost!!!

The installation is so simple as to be ingenious! Here is a short video demonstrating it:

Built with the highest quality components, our LED underwater solar lamp for swimming pools as well as for ponds or fountains will delight you and those who want to enjoy a refreshing night swim or a beautiful poolside light atmosphere during a romantic dinner or with friends. Our unique lamp is a design product, original and produced from the highest quality materials totally made in Europe. The versatility of the lamp allows you to adapt to all kinds of needs and your personal tastes, as it can be placed either on the walls of the pools, on the steps of the stairs to your liking or even on the bottom of the pool, so you are always free to change your mind.

This lamp is also well suited for Hotel and Agristurisms pools and lowers the cost of installation and maintenance of your pool lighting as well as reducing electricity consumption in your utility bill to zero!

What are you waiting for to light up your pool?

There is also a blue light version to create a truly special and fashionable environment:


SOLAR Its main feature is underwater solar charging, so it does not carry electricity consumption. It has an average autonomy of 7 hours overnight
WITHOUT CABLES OR CONSTRUCTION WORK. Adheres to any type of pool such as tile, polyester or painted, both chlorinated water and salt
IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO DRAIN THE POOL. It is attached directly to the pool wall with the adhesive provided
QUICK INSTALLATION. In less than five minutes you can enjoy your illuminated pool, with automatic ignition, from the first night
EXCELLENT ILLUMINATION AND COMPACT DESIGN. With a diameter of 308 mm, thickness of only 12 mm and a weight of just 1.2Kg, each unit can illuminate an area of about 15-20 square meters

4-step installation: